Would you like to reduce the costs related to your employees’ health problems?

questionnaire santé

Three health questionnaires developed by our experienced professionals

Immediately after completing one of our questionnaires, all available in English or in French, your employees will receive a personalised profile accompanied by an action plan. They can consult this document at any time to track the evolution of their results over time.

Health questionnaire

This confidential questionnaire conforms to the requirements of the Healthy Enterprise standard. It provides your employees with a personal health score and a detailed evaluation of their lifestyle habits such as their nutrition, physical activity, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use, screen and Internet management, stress and sleep.
(Free optional sections on management practices, work environment and work-life balance are also available.)

Our health questionnaire provides immediate screening and quick intervention for individuals who are at risk for mental health problems.

Heart health questionnaire

Is the average age of your employees 40 or over? Help them find out if their cardiovascular health is at risk with this questionnaire, which takes into account many factors, such as genetics, tobacco use, cholesterol level and physical activity.

Stress questionnaire

In small doses, stress improves our performance. But when it becomes overwhelming, our health can suffer. Help your employees take stock of their stress level and give them ways to manage it.

Do you have the profile of a healthy organisation?

Our health questionnaires help us develop your Health portrait – a detailed report comparing employee data with data from over a hundred other employers – and ultimately measure the return on your investment and the positive effects on health.

By answering this questionnaire, you will receive your health score out of 100, your personal profile, which identifies your risk factors, and the action plan to implement, customized according to the habits you would like to change.

icônes santé au travail

Our engaging interactive solutions to promote health in the workplace

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