You skilfully manage your business, but what about your health?

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Our personalised health services adapt to your reality

Stay on top of your health in complete confidentiality with Planisan, our complete health assessment and support service specifically designed for executives and managers. Leave rushed medical appointments behind – our health professionals are committed to giving you all the time you deserve.

4 key components

to manage your health

Complete health assessment
The assessment includes a detailed questionnaire, a physical exam conducted by a doctor, a physical fitness evaluation, and the delivery of the results of the samples collected at home or at the office.

Health plan
The doctor will review the results of the assessment and provide information, tools and advice to help you improve your lifestyle habits and better manage your health.

Confidential report
You will receive a confidential report containing your detailed results and your health plan. If necessary, the doctor will recommend further tests or consultations with specialists.

Annual follow-up
You will also have access to an annual follow-up to update your health plan.

Download the Planisan leaflet for more information.

Planisan services are provided at the ÉPIC Centre of the Montreal Heart Institute.

5055 Saint-Zotique East
Montreal (Quebec) H1T 1N6

Close to Viau metro.
Free reserved parking for visitors

Denyse Lecat
514-985-2466, ext. 224

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