4 out of 5 smokers wish they could quit for good. Together, we can help them succeed.

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Quitting smoking is good for the health of… your organisation!

On average, an employee who smokes costs $4,000 more per year than an employee who doesn’t. These costs are mostly associated with lower productivity due to cigarette breaks and absenteeism related to health problems.1 Let us help you reduce the share of your profits that is going up in smoke.

5 good reasons to encourage your employees to quit smoking

  • Increase tolerance to stress
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity
  • Diminish health-related costs
  • Show your employees that their health matters to you

1 Source: Fares, B., Stonebridge, C. and Thériault, L. (2013). Smoking Cessation and the Workplace: Measuring the Benefits of Workplace Smoking Cessation. Ottawa: The Conference Board of Canada

Our smoking cessation in the workplace program is:

A structured framework
Motivating tools
Support from our experts

Would you like to help your employees quit for good?